Questions? We have answers.

Where are our wines from?

Our exquisite wines come from the picturesque region of Minervois in Languedoc, France. Crafted with utmost care and commitment to sustainability, our vineyards thrive under the Mediterranean sun, embracing organic farming principles and HVE3 certification.

Our vegan wines are crafted without animal-derived products, upholding ethical values from vine to bottle. We also use environmentally friendly packaging, reducing our ecological footprint.

Don’t settle for just any wine – choose a responsibly made, crushable bottle that’s perfect for any occasion AND gives back. With each purchase, YOU can provide one person access to clean water for an entire year. So why wait? Join us in the Drink Better movement and make a difference with every sip. Together, we can change the world, one bottle at a time.

Why water?

Time spent gathering water or seeking safe sanitation accounts for billions in lost economic opportunities. $260 billion is lost globally each year due to lack of basic water and sanitation. Access to safe water and sanitation at home turns time spent into time saved, giving families more time to pursue education and work opportunities that will help them break the cycle of poverty.

Water is the best investment the world can make to reduce disease, increase family income, keep girls in school, and change lives.

How does Praise help solve the water crisis?

For millions around the world, access to funds stands between them and safe water and sanitation in their home. We are proud to work with Water.org, who offers a portfolio of smart solutions that break down the financial barriers between people living in poverty and access to safe water and sanitation.

Their unique solutions are market-driven and adapt to the 11 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America where they work. With 30 years of experience and insight, and in collaboration with their in-country partners, they are providing efficient, scalable solutions and using financing as a tool to help people living in poverty get access to safe water and sanitation.