We Believe in Water

Safe water should be easily accessible, not a privilege

Our Impact

Be the catalyst for change.

Praise has partnered with Water.org to help empower people through access to safe water and sanitation through affordable financing. We call it the Drink Better Initiative.

300, 000+
Lives changed, all because:
One bottle = One Year of Access to Clean, Safe Water.
The Power of Water

Safe water protects and saves lives.

771 million people lack access to safe water

Water connects every aspect of life. Access to safe water and sanitation can quickly turn problems into potential – empowering people with time for school and work, and contributing to improved health for women, children, and families around the world.

Today, 771 million people – 1 in 10 – lack access to safe water and 1.7 billion people – 1 in 4 – lack access to a toilet. These are the people we empower.

Women and girls spend 266 million hours everyday collecting water

Women are disproportionately affected by the water crisis, as they are often responsible for collecting water. This takes time away from work, school and caring for family. The lack of water and sanitation locks women in a cycle of poverty.

Empowering women is critical to solving the water crisis. When women have access to safe water at home, they can pursue more beyond water collection and their traditional roles. They have time to work and add to their household income.

Every 2 minutes a child dies from a water-related disease

The water crisis is a health crisis. Nearly 1 million people die each year from water, sanitation and hygiene-related diseases which could be reduced with access to safe water or sanitation. Every 2 minutes a child dies from a water-related disease. Access to safe water and sanitation contributes to improved health and helps prevent the spread of infectious disease. It means reduced child and maternal mortality rates. It means reduced physical injury from constant lifting and carrying heavy loads of water. As we face the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever access to safe water is critical to the health of families around the world.

1 in 3 schools lacks access to basic water and sanitation

Children are often responsible for collecting water for their families. This takes time away from school and play. Access to safe water and sanitation changes this. Reductions in time spent collecting water have been found to increase school attendance, especially for girls. Access to safe water gives children time to play and opportunity for a bright future.


Together, We Can Empower Communities and Change Lives

Praise is proud to be working with Water.org to support their mission of providing safe water and sanitation to those in need through affordable financing. Through our Drink Better Initiative, we're helping to empower people with these essential resources. Join us in making a difference with every sip of Praise wine.
Why We Do It

It won't be easy but, we think, doable.

We do this because, actually, it’s nothing short of a global crisis.
Get Involved

Every bottle of Praise wine creates a new opportunity for a family.

Access to clean water for one person creates a ripple effect of positive change for their family that lasts long beyond the initial purchase of Praise wine.